Saturday, April 2, 2011


In Legend of King Arthur: Camelot there is a 'quest' to sort out truth from fiction in the story of King Arthur and his Round Table at Camelot.  This DVD seeks out many sources within Great Britain from true historical persons, places, and events that spark the imagination and leave an impression of what the 'real' Camelot might have been like.

Of particular note is the wrap-up at the end by historian Dan Shadrake:  "Camelot is anywhere bravery and nobility are celebrated.  Camelot is as much an idea as a place.  The time and location are of secondary importance.  What comes first is to fight for the good."

I cannot help but think of another kingdom hoped for, and longed for, throughout the ages. This 'once and future King' - typified by Arthur - is the true King of Kings.  Will there truly be a perfect Kingdom one day, greater even than Camelot?  Many believe so, but still 'what comes first is to fight for the good...'

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